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  • What are professional skills and why are they important for Digital Transformation?
    As per leading industry analysts, only 30% of digital transformation programs succeed. It is not because of a lack of investments in technology but too much focus on technology. Changing technology disrupts business models, affecting the organizational structure and ways of working. How to work effectively in this environment is as important as knowing what to work on. Professional skills (How to work) enable an individual to work effectively and grow in this environment and hence are as important as technical skills (What to work). NASSCOM (Trade association of Indian IT industry) has identified ten critical professional skills for individuals to participate successfully in digital transformation. They are Communication, Collaboration, Continuous Learning, Design Thinking, Digital Leadership, Negotiation & Influencing, Problem Solving, Product Management, Project Management, and Program Management. Our objective in DigiLatent is to offer a platform for individuals to develop these and other aligned professional and latent skills.
  • What are the prerequisites for launching my service on your platform?. I do not have prior experience as an instructor, Coach or Mentor. Can I still partner with DigiLatent?"
    The only prerequisite for enrolling as an Instructor (Launching a course) or Mentor is to have demonstrable expertise in any professional skills needed for the Digital Age. While it is good to have prior experience as an instructor or a mentor, it is not mandatory. If you do not have previous experience as an instructor or Mentor, you can choose an alternative way to demonstrate your expertise in your chosen skill. Few alternative ways to show your expertise include links to your other courses or contents, on-the-job experience, testimonials, and references from your peers, team members, etc. To become a coach, we expect the individuals to either have formal training or certification or demonstrate prior experience as a coach in the selected area of expertise. Please contact us if you need additional details about the partner onboarding process.
  • I already have a full time job. How much time do I need to spend on an average to launch my service on your platform?
    At DigiLatent, we understand the need to balance your full-time profession and follow your passion for teaching, mentoring, and coaching others. We offer flexibility and customized time commitments based on your service offerings. Launching a course on our platform would typically require an upfront time commitment of 6 to 8 hours based on the level of content you already have and an ongoing time commitment of 2 to 3 hours per week for cohort-based courses. Mentoring and coaching would need a minimum of 2 hours per week based on the number of sessions you can handle in a week. These are indicative and will vary based on individual offerings.
  • What support will I get from DigiLatent for launching my Courses on your platform?
    We expect the courses to adhere to minimum standards aligned with our objectives and the target audience's needs. Based on your prior experience and content availability for the courses, we offer different levels of support, including assistance with research for course materials, illustration, course creation, and marketing to students. We expect professionals like you to bring the best version of yourself and the passion for sharing your expertise with the world. For all levels of support, DigiLatent provides an advanced and easy-to-use learning platform and student enrollment support. Please get in touch with us for more details.
  • What are the benefits of launching my service on your platform?
    We differentiate ourselves from other online learning platforms through our vision to build a community of digital professionals and enable knowledge sharing across the community members. Apart from the attractive revenue-sharing model, Our platform provides you an opportunity to be part of an exclusive global digital professionals community, get recognized as an expert in your field, and improve your brand among the community members. For those already employed full-time in a different role, we also provide opportunities for networking and upward career mobility.
  • I need more details. How can I contact you?
    You can contact us by filling out the form below or email us at One of our relationship managers will contact you to answer any questions and discuss the next steps.

Contact us

Thanks for your interest. We will contact you within one business day on the next steps.

Opportunity to   be an  part  of   an  exclusive  global  community of the

Digital practitioners

Get recognized by Industry peers & experts for micro    networking

and upward career mobility

Support from our content experts to easily launch courses without compromising your full-time employment

Unique revenue model with the flexibility to monetize your expertise based on your contribution

Why choose Digilatent?

As a partner / Co-Creator

Engagement Model for Partners
(Co-Creators, Mentors & Coaches)

Our primary objective at DigiLatent is to create a community of Digital practitioners and enable seamless knowledge sharing among practitioners through creation and consumption. Being practitioners ourselves, we understand the demand for your time and the need to balance your primary job and the effort needed for course creation. Our unique engagement model makes it easy to launch a course and puts a premium on your expertise over anything else. You can choose one of the engagement models below for launching your courses and sharing your expertise with the community. If none of these engagement models work for you, we can customize the model based on your needs. The monetary benefits will vary based on the engagement model chosen.

Our primary objective at DigiLatent is to create a community of Digital practitioners and enable seamless knowledge sharing among them. 

Are you passionate about sharing your expertise? We offer opportunities to launch courses, be a mentor or a coach for Digital professionals.

Models We Provide 

Learning: Lead Practitioner 

  • Your Role: Project creation for varied topics (or) Evaluation Support for Assignments (OR) Part of Industry Panel for evaluation of projects / Assignments

  • DigiLatent Partnership Role: Assignment to existing pipeline projects

Coaching / Mentoring: Super Pro 

  • Your Role: Subject Matter Expertise in focus areas; Proven Exposure & Experience in handling Coaching / Mentoring conversations;

  • DigiLatent Partnership Role: Dedicated channel to bring coachee/mentee to appropriate coaches and mentors; inbound marketing.

Learning: Super Pro +

  • Your Role: Subject Matter Expertise, 100% Ready to Launch course (Animation, Voice over Narration, illustrations, Assignments and quizzes) with end to end course materials ( slides, copyrighted images, reference notes, case studies etc)

  • DigiLatent Partnership Role: Course Marketing

 Learning: Pro

  • Your Role: Subject Matter Expertise and Course Structure

  • DigiLatent Partnership Role:Course Content Research; Course Materials Creation end to end; Course Readiness & Launch; Course Marketing

Learning: Super Pro 

  • Your Role: Subject Matter Expertise; 100% End to End Course Materials available (Slides, copyrighted images, case studies, reference links and notes etc)

  • DigiLatent Partnership Role: Course Readiness & Launch ( Animation, Voice over Narration, Illustrations, Assignments and Quizzes) ; Course Marketing

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