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Becoming Digital

  • Communication,Collaboration, Negotiation & Influencing

  • Learning Agility & Continuous Learning

Being Digital

  • Design Thinking

  • Problem Solving

Leading Digital

  • Product,Project&Program Management

  • Digital Leadership

Core Learning Solutions

We offer unique learning solutions for professional skills under three broad categories

Upcoming courses

Digital Transformation Primer

Learn fundamental concepts of digital transformation, the impact of Digital Transformation on industries & individuals, and the skills needed to succeed in the digital age.

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Digital Leadership Primer 

Understand the critical skills & competencies needed to become a Digital Leader with real-world case studies of successful digital leaders and companies.

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Introduction to deal-making in Digital World

Learn the various aspects of digital deals, the innovative solution constructs for digital transformation, and what makes them different from traditional IT deals.

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Why Learn from DigiLatent?

Considering the pace of changes, traditional ways of learning through formal education and training alone will not suffice. Individuals should become agile learners and demonstrate high learning agility. An Agile Learner demonstrates the following qualities 

  • the ability to rapidly unlearn, relearn and continuously learn as things change, 

  • Willingness to learn from all possible sources and experiences,

  • apply the learning in real-life situations through experimentation and seek quick feedback.

where you can grow both personally and professionally.⁣

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The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” -  Alvin Toffler 

We explore, share knowledge & inspire one another

Our Learning solutions are aligned with the principles of Learning Agility and will enable you to become agile learners as you learn new skills on our platform offering.

  • Courses by Industry practitioners with practical experience in the relevant area

  • Learning from the shared experience of the Instructor and peers in a cohort-based model

  • Case studies from your own real-world work experience and best-in-class solutions working with your peers.

  • Projects and assignments that allow experimentation and opportunity to demonstrate your skills to a panel of industry experts and seek feedback

  • Continuous learning by being part of a practitioners community

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