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Coaching Discovery Session

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Service Description

Do you have a strong desire to lead & manage Digital Engagements but do not know how to build the right competencies to get there? Are you stuck in the same role for a long time and have not learned anything new on the job? Are you afraid of being easily replaceable with the advent of automation and new digital technologies? Do you feel overwhelmed by the need to continuously learn and relearn new skills, tools, and technologies to keep yourself relevant? Are you unhappy with the status quo in your work and personal life and looking for ways to create a more fulfilling and balanced career? Do you see your peers and friends with similar skills and experience transitioning from IT services organizations to start-ups / Digital Native organizations, but is your self-doubt and fear stopping you from making that move? Does your current role conflict with your value system and not align with your strengths? Do you have a nagging feeling that there is more out there for you but are not sure how to discover the path?

Contact Details

  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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