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Why Feedback is Essential for Growth

Most of the times in the professional settings, when a professional feedback is given on one's work, the author of that deliverable takes it personally as if the feedback is given on them.

Any material / deliverable as long as it is within the creators ambit it is absolve of any external inputs. But once it gets published to the wider audience, it is bound to attract constructive feedback, criticism and appreciation.

Being objective is to take a step back to see the professional feedback as vehicle to improve the end deliverable, so that it creates and adds lot more value to the intended audience. But if you are apprehensive about feedback and feedback loops, you will never be able to do spectacular things in life for yourself and through you to lot of others by your work.

Feedbacks are essential building blocks to hone one's skill and competence. On a longer run under a right mentor ,would enable them to produce outstanding material / deliverable/ end product by gaining the much needed understanding of the subject ,intended audience and market. Feedbacks are always centered for your best interest. It is there to further elevate you and deliverable each time than to pull down your strings.

Giving the right feedback is Art by itself. You need to understand the nuances and be very candor about the end product with your thoughts around what worked well and where the end product needs to focus to improve its viability & suitability to the targeted market / audience. Whenever you shy away from providing the best fit feedback, you are pulling the author down, keeping them in status quo scenario and not allowing them to raise their competence to produce the intended outcomes.

Feedbacks are much more essential in today's digital world, given the constant changes which are ever evolving in greater cycles, which requires micro decision making with speed and agility. Next time if some one approaches you for feedback (or) you are submitting material for feedback, be open minded about it, be objective about it by removing your emotions and focusing on truly elevating the end deliverable. Feedback can change your life for greater good. Secret sauce then is to receive and provide more constructive feedback for mutual growth and benefit.

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