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Don't Look only for Super Stars

As Leaders, we are always looking for stars for our teams, who can run their entire show independently, who are ultra-competent, and bring more to the table than the role expects out of them. Such perspectives are fantastic to be welcomed with the red carpet, but they are rare to come in more frequently than to our liking.

Instead, start looking for more resourceful, utility players who have the blend of the right attitude and perseverance to apply themselves aptly to the given context & scenarios to rally the team along to the expected outcomes. It's indeed great to have Super Stars, It is equally a blessing to have well-rounded utility players in combination, who can do anything as per the team dynamics, requirements, and changing expectations. They are like water, who can take any form and shape, provided we mold, mentor, and coach them.

As a sports Analogy, when India was down under with Australia in years 20-21, most of the superstars of the team were either injured or not available. It was truly the David vs Goliath Moment for our cricket. Most of them have written India out since they have looked at the team through the prism of these superstars. What we instead had in store as a surprise, was a great bunch of resourceful and utility players who were true believers, high on self-confidence, aided with the finer mindset to achieve the impossible, not feared about failures, and took complete accountability of the situation, and played well into their given roles, were well-grounded and outcome-oriented. These great bunch of folks, who were like water were molded well by then leadership and channelized their competence and unearthed their skills to match the mammoth match situations. What happened later is both a record of purpose & history for a very long time in slow motion. The underdogs truly overwhelmed the superstars and shined bright when brought to the limelight under able and apt leadership.

Look for your silent superstars, mold their skills, spend time to invest in mentoring & coaching them, repurpose their core capabilities & mindset, put a purpose for their roles, bring them to the limelight, trust me they would shine brighter than ever.

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